A Letter From a Friend

What can I say about birthright?… Well, I can say that it is an organization that doesn’t get enough credit for the work that they do. I can say that the people who spend their time working there, value others, and value life. I can say all of these things because they are true.

I personally have a relationship with the ladies and gentlemen of this
organization. They have helped me through trying times of homelessness, domestic violence, and pregnancy…. It’s because of this organization, that I was able to get on the path to now having my own safe home that I can raise a baby in, and finally get on the career path that I have dreamed of.

I also would like to thank the Executive director of Birthright, Regina Ranelli. Regina is an inspiration and a hope for all women. She is dedicating her life to make sure that women don’t look at life and see failure, but look at life, so they can see success. Never have I came across a more beautiful person, who is one of the main reasons for my own personal success, and still plays an instrumental part in my life. I also want to thank some of the volunteers who help keep this organization running, they too have the spirit and drive to nurture people in the direction they need to go. Thank you, and I wish this organization many years of success…

We love them both