Tracking Your Period

The Importance of Tracking Your Period by Grace Cooper Every woman has experienced an irregularity in her period at some point, whether it be skipping a month or being a day late. Sometimes these irregularities are trivial but other times a menstrual irregularity is the symptom of a larger issue. Although it may not always…

Sleep During Pregnancy

How to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy: Sleep by Grace Cooper Many women experience increased fatigue as their body changes during pregnancy. Because of these changes, it is more important than ever for women to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, pregnancy is not comfortable, so it’s common to develop sleep issues throughout those nine months….


Eating for Two by Michaela Pershe When most people think of a diet, the most common thought that comes to mind is a strict regimen of foods you can’t eat — usually with the goal to lose weight. The purpose of a good prenatal diet, however, is not to lose weight and it is not…