They Come Into Our World

Baby in covers

Sometimes we know they are on their way — sometimes they surprise us. But one thing is certain, a baby’s life enriches our life like nothing else. No matter the circumstances, they have a right to be born, to be wanted and loved and to have a good beginning to grow. At Birthright we help parents gently lift back the blanket of fear from their baby to appreciate God’s miraculous gift of life.

You might ask us —Who calls Birthright? The following situations describe a variety of calls we receive. (Names and identifying information were changed to maintain client confidentiality).

Marissa, 28, has four children and is three months pregnant. Members of her family are taking care of her children as she is not able to parent them. She is addicted to narcotics for a second time. She wants her baby and realizes she needs treatment and is willing to undergo it. She is being evicted from her apartment in seven
days and has no money and no one helping her.

Shawna is 17 and in high school. She is 16 weeks pregnant. Her mother helps her but the baby’s father does not. She works part-time at a convenience store. She needs maternity clothes, a bassinet, a crib, baby clothes and diapers.

Lissette is 25 and eight months pregnant with her second child. She works full-time. The baby’s father is in jail.

Robyn, 29, is six months pregnant and has two other children. The father of the baby occasionally visits but is not really supportive emotionally or financially to her. Her family is helping her.

Donna is pregnant and in high school. She needs a shelter or a place to stay. Her parents are kicking her out of the house because she is planning to continue her pregnancy. She is thinking about the possibility of adoption for her baby.

Rhona is looking for help to find an abortion clinic that is not expensive. She feels no one cares about her and she is all alone. She wants the baby because she was not raised to think about abortion or to give her child away for adoption but she realizes she needs a plan. She has another child. Her boyfriend lives with her but tells her it is up to her to decide what to do.

Nan is 22, five months pregnant and living with her mother. Her friend told her about Birthright. She attends college to be a nurse. She would like to keep the baby and have her own place after the baby is born. She is happy she is having a baby and that she will be a mother.

SueAnne is 24, has three other children and is pregnant again. She is unsure who the father of her baby is, but her boyfriend is kind to her and the other children. She has been a victim of domestic abuse in a previous relationship. She has a younger brother in foster care that she would like to take care of in her home. Her mother died when she was young and her father is not involved.

She is young, eight weeks pregnant and has never been pregnant before. The father of her baby is involved in her life and she lives with his grandmother. She still attends school.

A young man calling for a pregnancy test appointment for his girlfriend.

Lara is homeless and has a six-month-old baby she cares for alone. She is living in a hotel while waiting for a shelter opening. She will need diapers, formula, baby items and a crib.

“Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and give your heart for love.” ~ Anonymous

We love them both