Volunteer With Us!

We can always use new volunteers! Volunteers are needed for:

  • Client interaction and providing pregnancy tests
  • Enhancing Birthright newsletter (layout, graphics, content, articles)
  • Newsletter and brochure distribution
  • Updating the website
  • Creating and updating contact database
  • Speaking at schools, parishes, and community organizations about Birthright
  • Helping with Red Rose Day
  • Fundraising event assistance
  • Coordinating a diaper or clothing drive
  • Organizing infant clothing room

We have the best group of volunteers that share your commitment to help pregnant moms and babies.

New volunteers attend two three-hour training sessions in the Birthright office. The hours for volunteering are flexible and there is free parking. We have volunteers of all ages from students to retired and in between! Call 412-621-1988 or email hope@birthrightpittsburgh.org for more information.


I have been volunteering at Birthright for two years now on a mostly weekly basis. I am a senior at the University of Pittsburgh and am highly involved in their pro-life student group and Catholic Newman Club. My experience with assisting pregnant women and women with children goes much farther back than two years. Throughout high school, I regularly volunteered with the Sisters of Life, at a Catholic religious order with a charism for supporting the most vulnerable, namely women and their children. Volunteering at Birthright in college has allowed me to better care for my Pittsburgh community, especially women in need. Every time I am in the office, talking with women about their lives and sharing resources, I grow in understanding of what many women go through. This allows me to better care for them individually as well as in other pro-life activities like Sidewalk Advocacy and talking with pro-choice students on campus.


I am a retired elementary teacher and my hubby is a retired Mechanical Engineer. We live in McKeesport with Jenny, our daughter, and Kaitlyn, our 6-year-old, gift-from-God, granddaughter. Our children were adopted decades ago from Catholic Charities in Cleveland, Ohio. Our son, Michael, is an iconographer and photographer. Our daughter works for CVS as a pharm rep. The foster mother of our son (who became a great friend) volunteered at a place called Birthright. At that time I didn’t know much about it. I came to Birthright to answer my own question about how I actually was going to help moms with babies. I started praying at Planned Parenthood (in January after moving back home to Pittsburgh in 2019) and then trained as a Sidewalk Advocate but that was not enough. I had to know how I actually was going to support moms to be.. So far, my prayers are answered. I look forward to many days of helping families.


I have volunteered at Birthright for one year, and it has been such an inspiring experience. Each woman has encouraged me with her strength and determination. Through each new relationship, as we overcome challenges and share joys, I have only become more confident that together we can protect the right to life for all children and provide for the needs of both women and children in every circumstance.

I first started working at Birthright in response to prayer and inspiration from the Holy Spirit. I strive to center my life on submission to the will of God. This foundation has led me to prioritize my Catholic faith, as well as relationships with family and friends and service to others. I have been so blessed to grow up in a beautiful, strong, and loving family and feel
compelled to offer from my abundance to families seeking support. Beyond Birthright, I work as a Grade 4-6 Emotional Support teacher in the Pittsburgh area. I also love to travel, read, play volley-
ball, hike and bike.


I was born in Booneville, Mo. and have lived in 5 states – Missouri (St. Louis where I was raised), Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. Graduated in 1965 from Nursing School – BSN and have worked in many fields in nursing and loved all of them. I moved to Pittsburgh in 1977 due to having a lot of family here – cousins, etc. and being an only child wanted family. My mom moved up here 5 years with me after she retired and we took several nice trips. She died in 1985 – my best friend.

I have done many fun things in my life such as travel a lot when I was working – went to Europe 5 times – Ireland, England on first trip; just Ireland on the 2nd one; Spain; Germany, Poland, Austria, Czech. Republic and Hungary – 1990 right after the Berlin wall fell and have a piece of it; Canada several times and my most PROFOUND trip was to Rome and the Holy Land which was life changing.

I also had two unusual and fun volunteer opportunities before Birthright – one was being a camp nurse for 150 boys ages 10-14 and then volunteering 2 summers a week each time in Appalachia as an RN screening patients for school who were on welfare and this with a medical team of doctors, nurses, social workers, eye doctors, dentists and a priest. It was a life changing education for me and loved it. We slept on mattresses on the floor and 12 nurses shared a shower in one room. The cows would wake us up mooing in the early am and walking by and there was NO A/C, just fans in August. Quite an experience.

After I retired from nursing in 2002 I started to volunteer at Birthright in March of 2003 as knew Rita Cunningham personally and she invited me to do so. Have done it for 16 years until 2020 and Covid and then a couple falls hurting my knees on a bus so that the stairs are hard to do at the building. Am hoping to start back soon. I also have been a Eucharistic Minister at church for 28 years until Covid but hope to start that up again soon.

I have many dear friends I have met through the years and cherish especially my Birthright ones with our common goal.


I started volunteering at Birthright in March after moving to Pittsburgh in January. I studied biology in college and work in biomedical research now because I love life! Additionally, I believe that every human life is a precious gift and deserves all the rights and dignity given to us by God. I am inspired by Birthright’s commitment to being a source of fellowship, strength and resources for women and their families in our community. The right to life is the most pressing issue of our time, and I am motivated to be part of the generation that sees an end to abortion. I previously volunteered at JMJ Life Center in my hometown of Orlando, FL. I feel very blessed that I found another group of amazing individuals at Birthright of Pittsburgh who are also devoted to defending every child’s right to be born. Outside of work and volunteering, I love anything outdoorsy and can always be found reading in my spare time.