Our Birthright volunteers

We can always use new volunteers! Volunteers are needed for:

  • Client interaction and providing pregnancy tests
  • Enhancing Birthright newsletter (layout, graphics, content, articles)
  • Newsletter and brochure distribution
  • Updating the website
  • Creating and updating contact database
  • Speaking at schools, parishes, and community organizations about Birthright
  • Helping with Red Rose Day
  • Fundraising event assistance
  • Coordinating a diaper or clothing drive
  • Organizing infant clothing room

We have the best group of volunteers that share your commitment to help pregnant moms and babies.

Volunteers attend two three-hour sessions in the Birthright office. The hours for volunteering are flexible and there is free parking. We have volunteers of all ages from students to retired and in between! Volunteer training is held in February and October. Registration is necessary. However, for other times in the year, special arrangements can be made by calling the director for individual training. Call 412-621-1988 or email hope@birthrightpittsburgh.org for more information.

Current Birthright Volunteers


Our volunteer, Maria, is a nurse who just recently moved to Pittsburgh and started volunteering at Birthright to promote a culture of life in her new city.

Maria volunteered for 2 years at a pregnancy center in Columbus, OH, assisting women to choose life for their children. Maria chose to volunteer at Birthright to put her pro-life views into action! 

In her free time, Maria enjoys running, reading books and taking naps!

Regis Flaherty

Regis Flaherty recently retired as General Manager of the National Institute for Newman Studies. Previously, he was Director of the Gilmary Retreat Center. He is a bestselling author and continues to work as a retreat director and speaker. With Libbie, his wife of 44 years, he has four children, eight grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

He has been involved in pro-life activities for many years, beginning in college at Duquesne University, where in 1974 he was involved in the first pro-life rally and prayer service on campus. He joined Birthright of Pittsburgh as a volunteer in April of this year. He is helping with a variety of activities including the Red Rose Campaign.

When asked why he decided to volunteer at Birthright, Regis responded, “I wanted to work with an organization that helps both mother and child in very personal and tangible ways, and Birthright has been doing that for years. Since starting here, I have been so impressed by the generosity, care, and dedication exhibited by Regina and all the volunteers. I just hope that I can contribute to the good work that helps so many women and children.”

Mary Robson

My name is Mary Robson, and I am happy to say I will be a volunteer at Birthright for 17 yrs. on March 10th of this year. I am a retired nurse of 37 years. My mom almost died when she had me at age 37, so guess I got my love of the life movement from her. Anyway, I have always loved kids, babies and LIFE and guess that is why I went into nursing. I had a varied career in all fields but OB and Peds ironically and lived in 5 states in my life so it has been fun. I babysat a lot too as a child.

What really got me into Birthright was attending the fashion show Rita Cunningham had at St. Paul Cathedral in I think 2002 and she was a friend of mine and I was so impressed with the pro-life fashion show for moms and babies that I joined. Have had many wonderful experiences too with moms and babies and even occasionally, dads. We had one young father come in to learn how to change a diaper and feed a baby as, even though he and the mom of the baby never married, he wanted to be involved as it was his child too. This was such a witness to me.

I have met and still have many wonderful friends through Birthright too as there is a special bond that develops when you have this wonderful common goal. I feel very blessed to be involved all these years. As long as I can make it up the steps, I will continue.